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about goodness gracious

goodness gracious is a business built on the passion and beautification to help create memorable experiences.

whether its a wedding, a funeral, a corporate event or a large conference/convention, goodness gracious has become a valuable partner with various industries and businesses.

kelley anne jones

flowers are not only aromatic, they are also very beautiful. they are tender and delicate and symbolize beauty and comfort with the sole intention of displaying love and compassion from your heart. there are hundreds of flowers with different colors and aroma having different meanings... 

let goodness gracious alive help you create memories that last a lifetime.

community initiatives

goodness gracious global (3g), the parent company of goodness gracious alive, led by kelley anne jones, will make every effort to assist in the growth and promotion of individuals and businesses that align with 3g's core beliefs. in support of 3g's core beliefs, goodness gracious global has developed relationships to with many detroit area organizations where 3g could best engage with service to the community. kelley anne jones, goodness gracious global and its partners are extremely proud supporters of these community partners and will continue to reach out where 3g could maximize its efforts to create a better world for all.

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